LE PLESAT ME PELJI – national festival of adult folklore groups 

This national event of the best selected adult folklore group programmes that are (re)creating quality dance and dance-related traditions grants the popularization of top-quality, the most penetrating and the best contemporary-oriented programmes.


RINGARAJA - national festival of children folklore groups

This national festival introduces children folklore groups from different parts of Slovenia that proved their innovativeness and quality in (re)creating children’s and children-suitable traditions by successfully passing the three-stage selection system.


PEVCI NAM POJEJO, GODCI PA GODEJO - national festival of singers of traditional music

This national review is a comprehensive presentation of the (re)creations executed by traditional song singers and instrumental performers of traditional tunes. It also promotes quality cultural work as well as the search for innovative repertoires.


LJUDSKA JE KUL - festival of folk songs and instrumental tunes

Interpreters of folk songs and instrumental tunes use musical adaptations of different genres to display interesting ways of recreating music tradition and interpret it through the aspect of a fresh authorial approach.